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Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
to the spike in shootings. every city officer must spend two days per week on foot control. and they are using two weeks to find people with a his history of violent crime. it may be the holiday season but city police aren't in much of a giving mood. their purpose for staying business like these is a stepped up effort to get people associated with vie lention you have a the street. he runs the effort. >> targeting violent offenders in the city, running backgrounds, we know they are wanted for violence. >> the two week warrant to serve outstanding warrants. homicides in baltimore fell below 200 last year but this year they have pasted that benchmark. as of this morning there has been over 200 homicides same time last year there was 146. police like to strike during dawn while the victims are sleeping. 24-year-old robert was picked up three days ago on a warrant for armed robbery and gun violations. his record includes multiple arrests dating back to the age of 16. it was a frustrating morning for one squad they found people at home but not the offenders they were looking for. >> sometimes these
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
of suspensions. meanwhile, pink slips are going to hundreds of baltimore city temporary employees. this could be as early as friday. this has put quite a few school principals in a tight spot. our education reporter tim tooten has the story. tim? >> it is the season to be jobless. that is exactly what is in store for some baltimore city employees over the next few days. you can expect administrators to make tough decisions. >> more building -- more belt- tightening on the way in baltimore. they may have to free of temporary employees by the end of the week. >> they are the glue that holds the school together. without them, sometimes you do not have as safe a school or your programs do not work. >> top administrators they are making the job cuts to avoid duplicating positions. some have been on the payroll for more than three years. >> we said before you hire any temporary employee, the surplus union members must be placed. >> school officials said that they are feeling pressure from the teachers' union to make good on contract promises. >> i have a list right now of surplus employees. >> thos
Dec 26, 2012 5:00pm EST
city grand jury, dion ware remains in central booking. it was november 26 when baltimore city police arrived at this apartment building on the 300 block of east 27th street. he was asking someone passing miti used his cell phone to call 911. we're told he checked on his son and noticed the infant was making a strange noise like he was having trouble breathing. we're told police picked up his son and tried to assess -- resuscitate him. he realized he was pushing too hard while doing cpr. he admitted holding his son and claimed as he tried to put the child into the playpen, he fell out of his arms and fell to the hardwood floor, striking his face. he picked of his son and wiped his face and put him in the playpen. he noticed that troubles having trouble breathing. he observed his son was not breathing. he attempted to perform cpr but could not revive him. autopsy results say the infant had multiple fractured revs, other injuries, and bruises. the death was ruled a homicide. the medical examiner determined the injuries were not consistent with a child simply being dropped to the floor.
Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >> the heated battle between the baltimore arch diocese and baltimore city is taking center stage in a federal courtroom in virginia. a court will determine if it is constitutional to require antiabortion pregnancy clinics in maryland to post certain disclaimers. it was back in june that a lower court determined that violated free speech. city law requires pregnancy countling centers to post disclaims saying they do not post birth control. >> at john hopkins university the university will contribute $10 million over the next five years. rob roblin join us now with more details. >> this is a lot of money that is going to help these communities quite a bit. the money is going to do things like getting development in the communities, school projects and neighborhood improvements. today's announcement is an effort by the university to improve and strengthen the communities that surround john hopkins university. >> it is clear that the interest of our neighbors, safe streetings, the elimination of dilapidated properties is the interest of our combruferte. off all, the future of john hopkins is link
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm EST
was chosen to take over for him. in late august, a horrific train derailment in ellicott city killed two teenagers as the redheaded to college. the first day of school in baltimore county turned into a day of violence when a 16-year- old student robert gladden fired a shotgun in the cafeteria. the shot hit daniel borowy, a student with down syndrome. daniel was released and robert gladden was arrested. art modell passed away in september. he was 87. it was an exciting call for orioles fans at the team made their first playoff run in 15 years, and they were so close to the american league championship when they fell to the yankees in the final game of their series. the last few days of october, superstorm sandy pounded the east coast. ocean city was the hardest hit in our area. the 2012 election is one for the history books. president barack obama won a second term as president, and here in maryland, an historic day for same sex marriage. starting january 1, those couples can legally wedd. we go into 2013 much as we started 2012, hoping for a super bowl. >> the world did not end on decemb
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
everyone feels secure on school grounds after the incident. that includes schools in baltimore city. lisa robinson joins us from north baltimore with that part of the story. >> school districts reporting things have been quiet and they have been hearing from parents who have been calling asking for reassurance. parents were greeted by a lot more faces. in anne arundel county, howard, baltimore county, vigilance was the subject of the day. a tough subject for all. >> for any parent is hard to think about sending your kids when all this is happening. >> we were aware that a problem like what happened could happen anywhere at any time. >> it was scary but i just had to let the normal day and the routine happen. >> the school superintendents communicated with their principles about making sure security procedures are in place and followed an emergency drills occur on schedule. anne arundel and -- baltimore county schools are using robocalls. the weekend was spent talking and hugging their kids close. >> we -- just being cognizant about the time we spend with them now. >> appears that area pri
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
an assault. two years ago he was robbed at gunpoint sing baltimore city police made an arrest the same day. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> late breaking details tonight in the case of sleigh north carolina teenager felicia barnes -- slain phylicia barnes. they're planning to play it an explicit tape. they say the video is "promiscuous footage" barnes, johnson, and two others. they are asking the court gromyko's when it is played. johnson is plot -- charged in the murder of her back in 2010. >> police say he used his baby to sell drugs. the 36-year-old smith learned his fate last week at the sentence tacked on for the 15 years he is already serving for guns and weapons charges. it all happened on east lafayette ave. they witnessed smith going in and out of the house selling drugs, the entire time holding a child wrapped in a blanket. once they try to get inside, he left his baby in the entryway which put the baby in danger of being trampled. the police were able to care for the child until its mother arrived. >> earlier this month, the morgan state board of regents voted to oust its presi
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm EST
. is cancer really caused by adult weight gain, but the city? over a lifetime, avoiding the weight gain will absolutely translate into lower cancer risk. >> scientists are still working to find a solution. maryland officials are confirming the first hypothermia-related death of the winter. it happened sometime between december 18 and december 24. the victim is a man from frederick county, about 65 years or older. officials are warning people to protect themselves as we head into the coldest months. cover your head, where layers of clothing, and make sure that clothing is dried. those most at risk are the elderly, the very young, and anyone outside for long periods of time. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> the winds were gusting over 45 miles per hour a few hours ago. they are starting to settle down now. that will continue through the overnight. we are 40 to downtown. that is producing wind chill in the 20's. if you are going to be going out in the next few minutes or hours, address for temperatures in the low 20's. only 37 at the airport. we d
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8